Cause of out-sourcing jobs

Health Care

When we focus on problems with our health care system, we become very apprehensive. However, the issue can be correlated to the auto repair example. The health care scenario is much more convoluted, but the principles are the same. Instead of it being an auto repair shop that takes advantage of our insurance programs, it is medical institutions and the large medical practices that take advantage. We, as patients, appreciate what we perceive as extra attention to our well-being, and rarely question doctors’ or hospitals’ practices. We do not think to question prescribed tests or procedures. After all, we trust that our caregivers have our best interest as their main focus. However, we need to remember that medical care is an industry.


Health care has become so convoluted that no politician believes the mess can be unraveled. Hence, Democrats have forced Obama-care upon us, and Republicans (who don’t have a solution) recognize that Obama-care simply takes a convoluted mess and makes it a bigger convoluted mess. The American people want to believe that Congress understands what it is doing. However, Congress does not.


The demand for insurances to provide services such as routine physicals at no cost to the patient may fuel job creation and the growth of both the medical industry and the insurance industry. However, the costs of insurances are a primary factor in the out-sourcing of manufacturing jobs. It is a key component in the decision “not to hire”. As the medical and insurance industries continue to grow, so does the ratio of uninsured verses insured.