Our Non-Profit Activity

Our Non-Profit Activity

As a non-profit, The Encumbered.com has multiple functions but all of our efforts hinge on meeting three important mission goals:

#1 – To promote small business while making the public aware of their burdens and costs, promoting small business, and encouraging the development of our youth into strong hires or new entrepreneurs.

#2 – To mend the fence between the different points of view of our two-party system.

#3 – To support the community through charitable donations.


At present, this website is our forum and our broadcasting tool to get the word out regarding the risks small businesses take. While we can detail the tax burdens, the over regulated environment and the complexity of health plans, it is really the generation of ideas; those that fix our problems that we hope to make known.  Promoting this website and gaining membership to increase the power behind our voice is of utmost concern.


It has been said that there is no divide between Democratic and Republican views – it is a chasm. But even if that chasm grows ever wider, we will seek ways to minimize the acrimony and increase the commonality. We expect there will always be a two party system, but history has shown that most of our years as a nation were not faced with the level of division that we face now.  Consequently, we aim to recover a more moderate discourse, while offering solutions much more in common with our general endeavors.

In the meanwhile, we will endeavor to pursue charitable works to our community which also support the building of our future workforce and new entrepreneurs. For 2019 we will engage in the LAKE EFFECTS Concert & Event Series in Louisa County and hope you will partner with us in this endeavor.


The Encumbered strives to bring small businesses and service providers together with the community.  We live, work, and participate in this and surrounding communities therefore it is imperative to help these communities to thrive.

(see more in the “Love the Lake” Concerts & Events Series tab)