Immigration Reform

How would you handle the illegal immigration problem?

We can’t reward illegal immigrants for illegally crossing the border, not paying income taxes and for utilizing our public services. 

At the same time it is not possible to deport 20 million illegal immigrants.

We do not know what effect deporting such a large number of immigrants would have on our economy.

How would this effect our devastated housing market?

What effect would converting illegal immigrants to Income tax payers have on our economy?

The following must happen:

  1. The border must be closed.
  2. The United States need to make available to the illegal immigrant community a four-year work visa, contingent upon securing employment (on the books, subject to withholding) and innocence of any crime other than illegally crossing the border.
  3. During this four year period, a process needs to be established that will take a number of factors into consideration, such as the applicant’s contributions to our society.
  4. At the conclusion of the four year term, a determination will be made to approve or deny the illegal immigrant’s application for renewal of the four-year work visa, application for another type of visa or to allow the illegal immigrant to apply for citizenship.
  5. Any illegal immigrant  who fails to obtain  this 4 year work visa should be deported.

An application for renewal of a visa should not be considered if the individual cannot show that they are, and have been, in good standing as a tax payer and resident.


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