Concerns In Our Politics

Concerns in our Politics

As we remain non-partisan, we seek solutions to problems that vex our electoral system. With such divisiveness between the political parties, we want this site to be a forum for ideas that “cross-the-aisle.”

Consequently, we have targeted several topics that affect small businesses and tax payers significantly – yet hold many of the keys to getting ourselves on better fiscal ground as a nation.

Choose any topic you see here to read more about how we perceive the problem and what the solution might be.

We will post solutions from time to time for distribution through PDF files so you can download and share the information we bring you. It is our hope that by educating and bringing awareness to these issues in a commonsense manner that we can invoke real change to our economy, and find true fairness and equality for all those risk takers in the world of business.

This site is dedicated to empowering you, the taxpayer. In addition, we inform and educate the public about the enormous demands imposed small businesses. We inform the public  about the incredible contributions small business owners/employers make to the national economy and the local community.

Dear Reader,

Solutions are ideas that evolve. We are not an expert in every facet of government. Your ideas, comments, questions and experiences us develop these solutions. Please continue to submit your qualified insights.