Understanding Small Businesses Employers

Understanding Small Business 

Small Business is largely responsible for providing jobs to those American workers who consider themselves to be “The Average American”.


Some would have you believe that Entrepreneurs are rich people who made their money off the backs of the less fortunate.  But the truth is that most are small business owners and their non union employees. These people, employers and employees, “keep their noses to the grindstone”, have next to no political voice, and have no desire to be singled out.  They simply want to be allowed to work and allowed to achieve. Small business owners do not seek subsidies.  Instead, they claim that over-regulation is strangling their businesses, and this a major factor in the creation of, or lack of, small business.
For example small medical practices are struggling with Health Information Systems. The regulation demands that all private medical practices utilize “health information systems” by 2015. This regulation is just one more financial hurdle required in order to set up a private medical practice.  The result is that small, private practices are no longer being created.  This is one of many examples of regulation strangling small business.
I could go on and on about how our political system should work.  For now, though, we have the problem of how if fails.  You and I (tax-paying Americans) are the ones who will pay the price for the foolishness of our political leaders.  We don’t need businesses that are too big to fail.  We also don’t need special interest groups, be it unions or large stock companies, whose interests are anything but “for the greater good.”


Take a good hard look at small business.  This is the group of people creating jobs, training the unskilled, putting their dollars at risk.  These are the people who will give our children an opportunity for growth. The number of new small businesses is diminishing every year. The small business community is not looking for tax breaks.  Instead, they claim that regulation is strangling their businesses.

There is no better situation for the people of this county than to have more jobs than workers. This is the scenario that drives up wages.  This is the scenario that we all want.


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